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If you are intrested in starting your own DECA chapter, follow our 6 easy steps to explore your eligibilty. If your request is approved, our leadership team and officers will be with you every step of the way.


Meet DECA Inc. Requirements

To start a Deca Chapter anywhere, you must:

  1. Be part of a high school.

  2. Have a chapter advisor recognized by the school.

  3. Have a minimum chapter size of ten (10) student members and one (1) advisor.

  4. Pay dues (DECA Inc. and chartered association) for each of its advisor, student, alumni and professional members.


Meet Kansas DECA Requirements

To learn more about our requirements contact the Kansas State Advisor.


Obtain the Approval of Your School

Once you know your chapter can meet the DECA Inc. requirements and your association’s requirements, the next step is to ensure you have the support of your school’s leadership group. This may be your principal or Career and Technical Education (CTE) Director.


Officially Request to Start a Chapter

After you receive approval from all parties, get the official process rolling by completing a new chapter request form. Be sure to first select your state/province and division – high school. Once your chartered association advisor approves your chapter, you’ll receive an automated approval message with your username and password to login to the membership system. You’ll also be contacted by DECA’s New Advisor Liaison within a week.


Get Approval and Make It Official by Submitting Your Members

Once you get approval, make your chapter’s membership official by entering your membership roster. Once you have entered your members’ names, be sure to actually hit submit and send your dues to DECA Inc. If dues are not submitted, your students are not official DECA members.


Get Connected + Get Started

First, make contact with your chartered association advisor. Then, visit Bring Your Classroom To Life and Advisor Resource Center for information on how to build and grow your chapter. Check out the 10 Steps to Getting Started with DECA.

Source: DECA Inc.

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