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Testing Window: March 7 at 12 PM to March 9 at 5PM

Be sure to check with your advisor to confirm whether you should be testing at a specific day or time.


Your testing username and password are shown on the back side of your name badge.

If you do not have this information, check with your advisor for testing login information. 

Each test has 100 questions.

Once students begin, they must complete the test in one sitting and within 60 minutes. 

Testing Changes

  • The time allotted for the exam has been reduced from 90 minutes to 60 minutes.

  • All questions will be presented in a randomized order.

  • Only one question will appear on screen at a time. 

  • Students can take the exam either at home or at school. 

    • Your chapter may have specific requirements for when and where you take your test. Ask your advisor if you have any questions.

Technology Information

Testing will take place through Quia. Please confirm the device being used for testing meets Quia's recommended system requirements before the day of administering exams:

Suggested Configuration (from

  • On Windows devices, Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

  • On MacOS devices, Safari or Google Chrome are the recommended browsers. 

  • On Chromebook devices, Google Chrome is the recommended browser. 

  • We suggest using a Windows XP or higher operating system. It is recommended that the computer be up to date with the latest available operating system and browser patches.

  • The most common problem is the site being blocked by filtering agents put in place by the IT department at the school or district level. Be sure that the site works in the location you will be using for testing. 

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